A Year of Afghan

afghan squares ros made meI haven’t written much about it yet, but I’m working on a massive stash-busting project this year that I expect will take me on and off all year to knit: a gigantic (6 foot square, I’m hoping!) strip afghan worked all in Garter Stitch. I’m hoping this will basically eliminate the odd balls in my stash and make me feel a lot better about the amount of yarn in my house. Also, I’ll be really warm next winter.

I’m not the only one with big projects in mind this year. Ros over at RosMadeMe has embarked on a year-long afghan knitting project, too, but she’s knitting individual blocks and sharing them on her blog.

She’s made good progress so far, even though she had a little trouble getting some of her yarn.

Do you have any big projects planned for this year? I’d love to hear about them!

[Photo via RosMadeMe.]


  1. Becky PS says

    First – I am trying so very, very hard to avoid sales cause I “need” more yarn. 😉

    Second – Oh help – Do I have projects!? I am trying to finish some I started a year (or more) ago.

    An afghan – keep losing the actual pattern so it has many different bands of stitches! All knitted in dreamy blues and greens of Homespun.

    A skirt – my second and in a reasonable color to wear. Why on earth did i knit the first one in Carolina Blue!?

    A top to match said skirt.

    and two Spring shrugs to finish! one white and one in lavender.

    Whew – now I’m tired…


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