Another Great Mattress Stitch Tutorial

mattress stitchI love how my email swallows things. I had been saving a tutorial on mattress stitch from Tinking Turtle to share in my post on seaming during the finishing series, but I forgot about it/lost it in my email for a little while and it only just resurfaced.

She does hers a little different from how I do it in that she picks up two stitches on each side of the work as she goes. Doesn’t matter at all, so long as you’re consistent and pick up from the same column of stitches each time as you go.

So if you’re still a little mystified by the awesome seaming technique, go check it out. This one has lots of big pictures and is explained really well, so it’s sure to be helpful if you’re having trouble.

And if you finished anything this month, I’d love to hear about it!

[Photo via Tinking Turtle.]


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