Anyone Up For A Twit-Along?

This term just sends me into hysterical laughter! Twit-along. You know, a Knit-Along via Twitter? Too funny…

Anyway, Donna Druchunas of the Ethnic Knits Yahoo group is doing a Twit-along (hysterical laughter) for a pair of really pretty wrist warmers.

wristI’m going to join along, but mine will be longer, more like fingerless mitts. I know it’s not a true green, but I do love this colorway.

I’ve just received some new Bamboo Ewe yarn by Debbie Stoller of Stitch Nation 2010 that I will use for this.

Anyone else wanna play? Follow the link to the Twit-Along (rolling on the floor now), she’s going to kick this off pretty quick!


  1. Maria says

    it’a pity i cannot knit … it would be a lovely project, and a cool way to make a knit-along!

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