Arm Knitting Revisited

arm knit cowlsSince I last wrote about arm knitting it seems like it’s become an even bigger craze. Vickie Howell got kind of obsessed and has figured out how to arm knit and arm crochet and was featured on “The Today Show” teaching arm knitting at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show (it’s not a craft fair!).

I have always said that I couldn’t see doing a whole scarf because of my RSI, but she’s now got a really cute little arm knit necklace pattern that would take almost literally no time and is a perfect entry-level project.

Berroco’s also getting in on the trend, recently publishing a video how-to and a pattern that’s shown in a couple of different yarns. They say these only take half an hour to knit, and I could probably manage that.

Lion Brand has its own video tutorial as well as patterns using Wool Ease, Homespun and  Unique, respectively. I really like the simplicity of the Wool Ease one.

I know Yarnspirations has more of Vickie’s patterns as well, but as of this writing their site was down.

Have you gotten bitten by the arm knitting bug? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

[Photo via Berroco.]


  1. Deborah says

    The examples look beautiful – I haven’t wanted to knit in years, but a recent development (a seemingly always cold neck – Ha!) makes these quick scarves quite appealing.

    I work a lot with metal and clay – arthritis has forced me to choose carefully what I spend my hands on, but being able to use my whole arms sounds intriguing.

    Sorry for your affliction, but what is RSI?

  2. says

    Repetitive stress injury. My hands and arms hurt quite a lot after too much knitting, and I fear the weight of a full scarf on my arms would be too much.

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