Australia’s Ex-PM Knit Kangaroo for Royal Baby

julia gillard knittingJulia Gillard has been ousted as the first female prime minister in Australia’s history, but not without making a last bit of knitting-related news. Gillard has long been known to be a knitter, and she particularly enjoys knitting for babies (don’t we all?).

She told the Australian Women’s Weekly that she was knitting a red kangaroo for the British royal baby because “I just thought that it would be a cute project to work on. I thought I would set myself the challenge of knitting a little stuffed toy, and why not a kangaroo?”

Some said the cute story was a last-stitch effort to woo voters, but it clearly didn’t work, as she’s handed power back over to her predecessor.

Still, I’d like to see the finished object, wouldn’t you?

[Photo via the Australian Women’s Weekly.]

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