Because I Needed Another Addiction!

twilightcoverSo the folks at Random House thought I needed more knitting time. Ok, I’ll go with that, let’s see where that leads. That was a month or so ago, and 3.5 Audio Books! Not the little ones that resemble bed time stories, no! These ones are the full length novels. So far we’ve conquered Twilight, New Moon and 1/2 of the 3rd in the series, Eclipse. Also The Symbol.

Am I getting more knitting done? First lets consider that this is cold, snowy, sit by the woodstove and drink hot tea season. But, it’s also snowshoeing and skiing season, but yeah, I’d have to say that the verdict is positive. More knitting is being knit. Good, that!

These audio books are just as addictive as the original novels, but they don’t need to be held (or petted, or talked to, fed, or watered, or even taken outside). Just plug them into the computer, grab your needles and you’re good to go, or to sit, or whatever!


  1. Liz Williams says

    I am presuming these audio books are the ones on cds? I use mine if I have trouble sleeping I plug them into my walkman headphones in and lay back and close my eyes – sometimes better than sleeping pills. Use the walkman on the train or bus to help pass the time. Many good ways to listen to them.

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