Brooklyn Tweed Says Summer isn’t Just for Cotton

wool people 3I know there are people who toil away through the hot summer months in homes without air conditioning, the poor things. But for those of us with that modern convenience, or those who live places with relatively mild summers (or those who find themselves at this time of year experiencing winter instead of summer) now is a fine time to be knitting with wool or any other fiber that you want.

To celebrate the knitters who love to work with wool even in summer, Brooklyn Tweed recently released its third volume of Wool People. This collection includes pieces from designers such as Veronik Avery, Hannah Fettig and Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark to name a few. In all there are 17 designs created with the notion of clear, airy layering pieces in mind and an emphasis on the heathery tonals found in the company’s yarns.

I took a look through the look book and a few patterns stood out to me, including Avery’s Edge Hoodie, which has classic hooded sweatshirt styling combined with lace chevrons down the sides and an asymmetrical hem; the Ferrous Wrap from Grace Anna Farrow, which has an allover eyelet pattern yet still somehow manages to feel weighty; and Mari Tobita’s Haru-Gasumi Tunic, mostly solid color stockinette trimmed with a bit of color and textural embellishment at the cuffs and hem.

Patterns can be purchased individually and run $5.50 or $6.50 each.

[Photo by Brooklyn Tweed.]

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