Machine Knitters are often forgotten about so if you are feeling a little lonely in your hobby then check out these online machine knitting groups.

This group originated in Belgium (March 2006) and started with a handful of French-speaking …

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Suzanne from trinity shawls sent me this e-mail about her charity project to knit prayer shawls.

——–Suzanne Said—–

When visiting my Grandmother’s home at a very early age, I remember seeing what seemed like a huge statue of our Lady …

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Today I received an email from Suzanne M Harker of [tag]Trinity Shawls[/tag] in response to a post on [tag]The Shawl Ministry[/tag].

Suzanne wrote:

“Many people use our traditional knitting as a means to quiet their minds, of nourishing their …

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If you have ever wanted to learn new techniques but couldn’t find a class at your LYS, and you are comfortable taking classes on line, maybe the [tag]Needlecraft University[/tag] is for you. Students with no experience as well

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Sometimes you find the most interesting thing when you search the internet on certain words. I found the following information and article at Beliefnet. This article talks about knitting and prayer.

People of different faiths are discovering that crafts …

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According to the Bank that Blue Moon used to receive cash and credit card payment for the Rockin’ Sock Club 2007.

I can’t believe that a bank actually thought a sock yarn club is a scam, because, after all, no …

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