Check out Knitting on Dr. Oz

dr oz knittingI heard a rumor (via the Vogue Knitting Facebook page) thatThe Dr. Oz Show is going to feature knitting this Wednesday.

The show, apparently, will have segments on the health benefits of knitting as well as a look at men who knit. Here’s hoping he keeps it civil and doesn’t try to make fun. Male knitters are awesome! (I’m not seeing the segment on the episode guide, but I’ll tune in just in case and get you a full report.)

Of course we all know a bit about the health benefits of knitting from our own experience. Knitting is great for stress relief, good for the brain, can help calm you down, and I’ll bet it lowers your blood pressure, too. Well, maybe not always…

Check your local listings or viist the Dr. Oz websiteto see when the show is on where you live.Enhanced by Zemanta


  1. says

    The show was taped a few weeks back and based on information from the Assistant Producer who contacted a few guys who knit, the segment is supposed to air this Wednesday, 03-Oct-2012.

    Hopefully I’ll get to see a replay since I have to work during the show.

  2. marilyn buehler says

    just wanted to let you know that one of my first emails i check each day is craft gossip. Your emails are really awesome and you do it day after day after day…. you must also be really awesome too. anyway, thanx again muchly. i love craft gossip

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