Check Out This Amazing Knit Circuit

check out this amazing knit circuit wristband!I will never say that I’ve seen it all when it comes to knitting, because people are endlessly creative when it comes to uses for knitting, ways to knit and things to knit that I don’t think there’s an end to it.

A case in point is this article from Make:Zine about an electronic art professor, Jesse Seay, who has developed a way to use a knitting machine to wire and knit working electronic circuits.

As shown in the accompanying video, the knit circuit can make lights flash or make a solid light, and you can work them in whatever pattern you like so long as the electronic components are all connected.

Seay says he used machine knitting for speed but the same idea would work for hand knitters as well, and that basically the knitting is “like stripboard, and each row is a track. Planning out the circuit isn’t so different from planning a stripboard circuit.”

See the full tutorial at Instructables.

How cool is that?

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