Day 8 and 9 Winners

day 8 and 9 winnersI hope everyone was busy watching the Olympics, knitting or doing something else fun over the weekend! I got a little knitting done on something I’ll share with you on Tuesday, and spent way too much time out in the Arkansas summer heat and had to take a day to recuperate!

But enough about me, on to the winners. The winner of The Olympknits is commenter number 16, Andrea, who said she will watch “literally anything” they show of the Olympics on TV.

The winner of the Zen of Socks DVD and cards is number 32, Joyce, who is working on a placemat, a frilly scarf and a shawl. Better add some socks to the list!

Congratulations, everyone! If my math is right after today you have seven more chances to win!


  1. Bonnie Blackburn says

    I have been watching the olympics all that I can watch. I even record it when I am away. We (USA) are doing great!

    I have a scarf and a vest on the needles right now. I watch and knit. GREAT!
    Could it get any better ?

  2. Maxine Miller says

    I’m working on an afghan for a viet nam vet while watching some gymnastics. Gabby is from my state, so we are all cheering her on to win the gold!

  3. joyce says

    Thanks for choosing my number! I’m thrilled to win this dvd so I can start making some lovely socks. Do I need to do anything to claim the prize?

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