Decorating with Pom-Poms

pompom flip-flopsThis post from Vintage Umbrella about making and using yarn pompoms was really about the Fourth of July, but making pompoms is a great way to get rid of stash any time of year. Make them in red, white and blue for the Olympics (or Bastille Day!) or in whatever color the nation you’re supporting in the Games sports.

You can also just use any bright colors you have and use them to decorate flip-flops as shown, or make a garland for a birthday party or any other celebration you’ve got going.

You can use them to decorate packages or gift bags, throw some in with purchased pompoms and other fun stuff for a toddler sensory box, and no doubt lots of other things, too.

Do you make pompoms with your extra yarn? What do you do with them? Spill it!

[Photo by the Vintage Umbrella.]


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