Dr. Who Knitting Projects

To celebrate 12 doctors, check out a dozen Doctor Who knitting projects.I finally got to watch the new Doctor Who last night, and while I’m not quite sold on the new guy (it always takes me a few episodes) it was still a lot of fun.

Of course I always knit while I’m watching TV, but so far I haven’t ventured into actually knitting something Doctor Who-related yet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of great options out there for people who would like to do such a thing; here are a few great ones.

You have to start with the classic Doctor Who scarf made famous by Tom Baker, of course. But there’s also a great sock kit from Lorna’s Laces (made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show last year, but it’s still available) inspired by the same voluminous scarf. Or you can knit a Tom Baker maxi dress. That’s pretty darn cool.

You can also knit a shawl covered with TARDISes, designed by Kate Atherley, or, if you’re OK with buying patterns, a police box slouchy hat designed by CiD Hanscom.

R. J. Daae has a great knit sonic screwdriver, while Raverly user Penwiper, who blogs at Entropy House, has a great Doctor Who collection that includes a stuffed TARDIS plushie, a police box scarf, a Dalek washcloth (Exfoliate!) and a stuffed Dalek. Awesome!

A Bitter Knitter has a pattern for a baby girl’s Dalek dress, and Love Knitting has a great blue but also Dalek-inspired French press coffee cozy. Unfortunately the link to the pattern for all the doctors doesn’t seem to work anymore.

And while that’s 12 patterns for 12 doctors, I do have one more link to share. Misty from the Handmade Podcast is making Doctor Who kits that include TARDIS-colored yarn, a project bag made with celestial TARDIS fabric and a set of Doctor Who inspired stitch markers with designs like a scarf, a bow tie, Big Ben and a gas mask. Scroll down or watch the podcast for more information.

Have you ever made a Doctor Who craft? (I’m never knit anything, but I did once make a TARDIS out of perler beads, and that’s got to count for something.) I’d love to hear about it!

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