Fingerless Gloves for Mom and More

fingerless glove knitting patternsAround Christmastime last year I published a little roundup of fingerless glove knitting patterns, but of course at that time of year I was focused on warmth (and quick knitting). Now that spring is in the air it’s time to think about shorter gloves, maybe with fancier details, that would be great to knit up for mom for Mother’s day, to give a college graduate or for any other occasion in spring and beyond.

The “Leaves” Fingerless gloves by Valentina Geogreiva are really pretty and feature an easy bold cable and eyelet pattern that looks like leaves. I also like the slip stitch pattern on the Almeda Fingerless Gloves from Tangle Knits.

The Button Band Fingerless Gloves by Lindsay Tabsh are cute with that extra detail, and are a great way to learn to make buttonholes if that’s not a skill you already have. Juliana Lufkin’s Mock Cable Fingerless Gloves use another fun technique to give you gloves that look a little fancy but actually are quite simple to make.

Fawn Pea’s Raging Fingerless Gloves use an easy lace pattern for their drama, while Annie Hauber’s fingerless gloves feature an easy cable twist (scroll down on the page for the English translation).

The Purl Bee’s Cashmere Fingerless Gloves are easy to knit but bring a lot of elegance to the party, and the Pomatomus Fingerless Gloves by Tingletangle are perfect for the mom who loves to knit and will recognize the inspiration (from a Cookie A sock pattern).

And then, of course, there are gloves with owls on them, because why not? These are designed by Maria Chiara Capuani and they’re adorable.

If you want to check out one of my patterns, the Beaded Fingerless Gloves are super simple to knit and the beads are sewn on afterwards so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of them while you knit.


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