1. says

    This pattern is such an easy way to incorporate different colors into knitting- because it’s slipped stitches, it’s only one color at a time.

    I used it for a washcloth and a swiffer cloth. I need more swiffer cloths now! They are fantastic.

  2. kitt says

    Where do I find this scrubbie pattern? I have tried flickr but not there. I want to knit them. It’s the onlpattern I like so far The round one with different colors…

  3. Lou Andrews says

    Would love to have the scrubbie pattern. I use them all the time and they are fantastic. I am also a quilter but love to do other hand made projects as well. Thank you.

  4. Debby Bailey says

    Can anyone figure out how to do the scrubbie in crochet and get a swir., I tried with a self=striping yarn and it did not turn out near as pretty.

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