Free Knitting Patterns – Mittens and Gloves

Free Pattern Friday is here again!

Everyone loves small projects. Socks, washcloths, and of course, mittens and gloves. Tis the time of year, up here in the Northern Hemisphere, to start thinking along those lines. MIttens and gloves make great gifts, everyone can use them, and they’re quick to knit and portable. You can go super easy, and you can be a bit more challenging. You can do everything from stockinette stitch to elegant lace. Fairisle sound like fun? Go for it! Want to try your hand at other colorwork? Mittens and gloves are perfect. And very practical! Practice and learn new techniques. Sounds like it’s right up your alley? I’ve compiled a few free mittens and glove patterns for you to check out.

Nice Basic Mitten Pattern here:

Easy 2 needle Childrens’ Mittens here:







Colorful Gloves from ( is one of my favorite places to go to find free patterns.)

 Broad Street Gloves




These are really cute child’s mittens 


Cuff Up Mittens

Fingerless Gloves

Top Down Mittens

Mittens Interrupted

Fairisle Lopi Mittens

Convertible Mittens

Tons More Free Mittens and Gloves Patterns

Keep on coming back! At, you just never know…



  1. By His Grace Sabbath Keepers ND Church says

    like your site. We are looking for free patterns to make for the homeless.

    Especially fingerless gloves, the long ones in particular.

    Thank You

  2. anne butler says

    I have been trying to print the classic Mittens pattern. You only give part of the instructions for knitting the pattern, Will you be correcting this mistake?

  3. says

    Thank you so much for putting together this beautiful site, Terrye.It is much appreciated here in Australia, & I am particularly looking forward to making some new knits by my fireside this Winter season.
    Miss Marigold

  4. says

    I just found your site,Love it. I am a litter crafter of all kind, right now in love with knitting, for a few years it was jewerly making, and now I will be combinding the two knitting & beading. Love your site for great ideal with new project.

    Thanks for all your work,

  5. deanne says

    hi, i love you site. my son work in heating and cooling he need glove that is warm and that has grip for working out door. so if you have a pattern i will appreciated oh by the way i am not to good knitting on 4 needles. thanks for your time and happy holidays.

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