Free Knitting Patterns: Ornaments for an Advent Calendar

mitten ornament just crafty enoughKat at Just Crafty Enough had a really fun idea for an advent calendar that she’s sharing with the rest of us. Instead of the traditional candy or toys to be unwrapped with each day’s reveal, hers has knit Christmas ornaments to put on the tree. Because it takes a while to fill up 24 spaces, she’s already started working on her ornaments, and is posting a new pattern each week.

I just caught the series now, in week four, where she presented really cute mini mittens embellished with a bit of stranded knitting. You can catch up with the other patterns there, as well as learn how she made her advent calendar (which involves embroidery and sewing and will take a fair piece longer than a week to make, but is lovely).

This is a great idea for building Christmas anticipation without giving the kids a piece of candy every day for the better part of a month, but even if you don’t do the advent calendar part you’ll have a great collection of knit things for the tree in the end.

[Photo by Just Crafty Enough.]



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