1. Jessica says


    I was wondering, please, if you might have a Men’s knitting pattern for: Men’s Irish Aran Sweater.

    Thank you.


  2. says

    i odered th Delaney sweater pattern cost me $38.00 , i cannot make head no tailjout of it it was full of type os , and it was aback and forth to different pages , i always thought that a pattern was there to simplify making a sweater but not this they explained the stitch pattern and then you are on your own even experienced knitters that i showed it to said dont buy anymore from these people. i wrote to them and told them how dissappointed i was and i never heard anything from them. go to an experienced knitter they are in knitting stores and ask them if they can write a Delaney clan sweater pttern for you. it will also be much cheaper

  3. josephine says

    Im going crazy trying to find an easy irish aran sweater pattern for man’s x large plus where mayI buy organic black sheep yarn from Aran Islands?

    thank you

  4. Liz Spicer says

    I am looking for a child’s aran pattern on your great website. Please help me!

  5. says

    I’m not finding much out there that’s available for free. This is cute, but only sized for babies: This has a few more sizes, but is still for the two and under crowd: I’m not finding anything really for older kids, but you didn’t say what size you need. If you’re willing to give them a go, there are some vintage knitting patterns that look good here: particularly the child’s fisherman knit. Good luck!

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