Free Pattern: Knit Bow Scarf for Little Girls

bow scarf little inspirationThe other day my little one and I were talking about the things she needs to be ready for winter. She needs a new raincoat, I said (the 18-24 month one she has just doesn’t work now that she’s three), and a new heavy coat.

“And a scarf,” she said.

Well, yes, of course. She’s my child, so just like I want a new scarf every year (at least) she should have one, too.

I suggested that I could probably make her one, and asked her what color she wanted. Yellow, she said.

Well, we’ll have to see about that.

In any case, if you’re looking for a quick, easy, cute knit scarf pattern for a little girl in your life, check out the Bow Scarf from Little Inspiration. This one is perfect for new knitters because it’s all garter stitch and chunky yarn, but the little bow makes a nice addition to add a little girlyness. It also serves as a “button” to hold the scarf around the neck, which is a great idea for little ones. (If you wanted to knit such a scarf for a boy you could use an actual button.) So cute and practical, too!

[Photo by Little Inspiration.]



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