Free Pattern: Seamus the Owl

Seamus owl Natural SuburbiaIt’s so fun to me to read blogs from the other side of the world. While we’re sweltering up here, they’re freezing down there. At least they’re freezing on Johannesburg, South Africa, where Linda of Natural Suburbia lives and knits. She says it’s been downright frigid there lately, and to cheer herself up she knit a wee little owl.

Seamus the Owl was worked in homespun on size 4 mm (that would be 6 US) knitting needles, so if you didn’t have any homespun lying around you could use a lightish medium weight yarn and it would work out just fine.

He’s worked in a tube, then the bottom is cinched off and the top sewn to make his ears. Tufts of yarn embellish his ears, wings are knit and sewn on and his eyes and beak are needle felted on.

This is a pretty easy project with a lot of cute details that’s sure to bring a smile to your face whether you’re enduring hot or cold weather (or actually like the temperature where you are!).

[Photo by Natural Suburbia.]



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