Free Pattern: Stash-o-motastic Fingerless Gloves

stash busting mittsI love fingerless gloves, and I love stash-busting patterns, so there’s no doubt I’m smitten with the Stash-o-motastic Fingerless Glove pattern offered by Donna Herron, aka purl3agony.

These cuties regularly switch colors and stitch patterns, which adds texture as well as color. She gives some details on the actual yarns she used, but of course the idea is to go into your stash and find some medium weight yarns that will do the job. You can also throw in some yarn of different weights if you like, or hold two strands of thinner yarn together if that’s what you need to use out of your stash.

The sample gloves also seem to be knit with the same colors on each mitt, but you could certainly change it up and have a set of fraternal gloves that would be really fun to knit and to wear as well. I might suggest at least starting and ending with the same color on each one so they look cohesive, but go wild if that’s what you want to do — there are no rules in knitting!

[Photo by Donna Herron.]


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