Fun with Garter Stitch

wacing fingers wildflower knitsWhen we’re new knitters, the first thing most of us do is knit something made with garter stitch. And we usually pretty quickly abandon “knit every stitch of every row” because, frankly, it can be kind of boring. But there are reasons to keep coming back to humble garter stitch: it’s fast, it has built-in texture, it doesn’t curl and you can do things to spice it up should you want to.

I happen to be working on a scarf right now (a rare non-book bit of knitting, for a good reason that I’ll share probably later this week) that I’m working in garter stitch with a row of elongated stitches every few rows to make the yarn go further, make the scarf a bit less stifling and to add interest in the knitting and the wearing.

I also just came across this cute Waving Fingers Scarf from Wildflower Knits, which uses regular cast ons and bind offs to make “fingers” of fringe along one edge of the scarf. The sample was worked in Plymouth Kudo (another self-striping beauty), but any self-striping yarn you like (including Noro!) would make quick and beautiful work of this easy scarf.

How do you feel about garter stitch? Spill it!

[Photo by Wildflower Knits.]


  1. says

    Hi Sarah!
    Just wanted to add that this is a great project for beginners because they get lots of practice casting on and binding off! Thanks for posting!

  2. adrienne in moose jaw says

    There is so much to recommend about garter stitch – in addition to the list of positives you’ve already written I would add that garter stitch projects are fabulous for when you just want some “stitch therapy”. I just love pieces with big runs of knit stitch – time to zen out (zone out) and sort through the day.


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