Get Ready for the Holidays with These Fun Ornament Patterns

christmas ornaments millamia yarnI do not even want to think about how quickly Christmas and the other winter holidays are going to be here, but the fact is, if you want to craft something for your tree or for holiday gifts you should probably be getting started.

Classic Elite and MillaMia yarns have got you covered, with a cute set of holiday ornaments. The square ornament shown here is a free pattern, while the others are currently available as part of an ornament knitting kit but will also be released as free patterns later in the season.

Do you have any knit holiday ornaments? I’d love to hear about them!

[Photo via Classic Elite Yarns.]


  1. Jackie says

    As a knitter, I know we have to start early, but REALLY? Christmas? Could we please get to the first day of school first.

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