Getting Sunstruck

knitpicks sunstruck needlesSometimes my job is really awesome. OK, a lot of times my job is awesome, but some days I get really great mail without even asking. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Knit Picks (thanks, Jenny!) I received a sample set of their new Sunstruck interchangeable knitting needles over the weekend.

Almost immediately I cast on an knit a little swatch (that’s in the luscious Berroco Vintage, if you want to know) and I have to say I really enjoyed working with them. That’s no surprise, because the Knit Picks Harmony needles, which have the same birchwood base, have been some of my favorites for a long time. The Sunstruck needles are blond instead of multicolored, which makes them even nicer for knitting with dark yarn because it’s easier to see the stitches than it might be on the darker Harmony base.

These needles are lightweight, nice and smooth, easy to work with and pretty, too. I zipped through my swatch on these size 7 US needles (4.5 mm) and am eager to take them for another spin soon.

I think I’m going to be wanting this whole set really soon! If you’re not an interchangeable fan, these needles are also available as straights and fixed circulars. Tips start at $6.99, straights at $5.99 and fixed circs at $7.49. Go getcha some!

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