Hello Kitty Free Pattern

kitty.gifThis knitting pattern is for this (look alike) Hello kitty doll that I am sure your kitty enthused daughter, granddaughter or friend is going to love.

Click here for the FREE hello kitty knitting pattern.

It looks like our hello kitty files keep getting taken down ,could this be to copyright? I am not sure but the link should be working, try again.

Here is another link, but it is NOT for the same doll but other hello kitty knitting projects

and while I am updating I have added a hello kitty knitted beanie pattern


  1. Angela says

    I tried today and the link still does not go to the pattern. I received this error messages: Path Index Error.

    Sorry, we can’t find the archived version of this page. The URL has been archived but not indexed. Try another request or click here to search for all pages on generatordesign.com/kitty.html
    See the FAQs for more info and help, or contact us.

  2. LizAndrsn says

    I get the same honkin’ error message. Drats! I really wanted to knock one of these out. I’m so done with winter knits.

  3. Linda says

    I have knitted the “Hello Kitty” doll but can’t seem to do the eyes. The pattern says to do knots winding wool around 6 times???? Can anyone offer suggestion on how this is done?

  4. bev says

    hello is it possible for you to see if you have any helo kitty jumper patterns for 7yrs to 12 yrs thank you

  5. dawn says

    not sure about copyright but there is a seller on e-bay who is charging £1.49 for this pattern including your image/photo.

  6. Helen says

    Was really hoping to do this for my daughter’s christmas present as we don’t have much money, but I have lots of wool.

  7. kate johnson says

    I really liked the pattern I made a bow to finish of the hello kitty for mine

  8. kate johnson says

    Hi I was trying to get the hello kitty beanie pattern but for some reason it wont lert me can some one pls email me the toddler one and the doll pattern for it pls my email account is dobbyjoel@yahoo.co.uk.
    thank uk

  9. Rosemary Paul says

    I use small black shank buttons for my toy eyes. They are easy to pull through to back of head and tie off.

  10. Lynn says

    I’m trying to knit the Hello Kitty doll..but,simply can’t understand the body directions:

    shape upper body)
    K7, (K2tog) 4x, K10, (K2tog) 4x, K7 – 32 sts

    Can you e-mail me with help? Thanks, Lynn

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