Helmet Liners, Knitted For Our Troops

I’m sure you’ve heard of these, and possibly even knitted some yourselves, but just in case you haven’t, here’s a pattern:


As a note… with the liners that I have knit, I’ve made them longer to cover up more of the neck, and I’ve used Cascade 220, as it’s a superwash wool. The majority of these recipients will be guys, and guys, being guys, won’t take the time to gently wash a wool garment, so a superwash is good.

And, in the prototype that I knit, for myself, it’s awesome underneath my snowmobile helmet, for doing chores out in the winter, and even under my motorcycle helmet when it’s really too cold to ride but you really really want to….. anyway….

From a reader…..”We are knitting these helmet liners for the men in my husband’s unit of the US Marine Corps and putting them in packages we will be sending out for Christmas. Our goal is 1000 helmet liners. We need all the help we can get! If you would like to help, email me and I will send you instructions on where to send the completed liners. larissanderson42@gmail.com

I hope you can help her, it’s an awesome idea.


  1. Janet says

    My father told me that during WWII, women were knitting for the Troops and referred to it as “Knittin for Britian”

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