Help The Penguins….

So apparently there was an oil spill somewhere around New Zealand. I apologize that I do not spend time watching or reading the news. As a matter of fact, really, the only tv I watch is when my Red Wings play their own unique brand of hockey.  But never mind about that.

The penguins of the New Zealand area got all covered in oil. One of the penguins very favorite thing to do is preen and by doing this they would ingest a whole bunch of poisonous oil, so, not only do the sweaters keep them warm but they keep them from getting oil all over their insides.

Skeinz, a natural yarn store in New Zealand is sponsoring The Worldwide Campaign To Knit Sweaters For Penguins to help keep these little guys safe while getting cleaned up. And, you can help. Click on over to HERE to find out how!


  1. Sara says

    A friend contacted them and was told they don’t need anymore. They were inundated with donations and have too many.

  2. Xyphir says

    The oil spill is coming from a giant cargo ship called “Rena”. The pilots of the ship ended up steering her onto a known reef. The problem comes from the ship literally breaking into two pieces, right along where the oil is stored. While over 750 (whatevers) worth of oil has already been spilt, there is another 1,500 (whatevers) on board the ship. Thankfully no new oil has spilled in the last two days, and they’re trying their hardest to get the remaining oil off, but horrible seas etc – plus a ship on a 45o angle make the job understandably hard. They’re also not helped by the fact that the hose they’re using to pump out the oil is actually no larger than the ones at the car petrol pumps – about the size of your thumb and finger in a circle according to one reporter.
    Do help out – how cool is it to say you have knitted a penguin tuxedo!
    For pics of this disaster check out: (images from over the last week) (the ship) (The wildlife)

  3. says

    Hi Terrye, I emailed the yarn store, Skeinz, that was sponsoring the penguin project, I received this reply on October 16, 2011
    Hi Gail,
    Thank you for your kind offer – at this stage the response has been overwhelming & we have enough pledges to cover the required number of birds needing jumpers – keep in touch with updates via our blog at if we require more we will post here.
    Cheers Maree

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