Interweave Accessories 2009 – It’s Only A Dime!

That’s Right! For only a cool .10 cents you can get this magazine, in digital format!

Here’s what Interweave says:

If you’ve never downloaded a digital
edition before, see how easy it can be!

 Interweave Knits Accessories
special issue magazine features projects for every season and every

 Interweave Knits
Accessories includes 60+ projects. Filled with accessories galore to warm
your extremities–hats, scarves and wraps, socks, mitts and gloves. this is a
compilation of our favorite knitted accessories. These projects are both
seasonal and year-round, timeless in design, and wearable for all ages.

And there’s more: From simple how-to get
started techniques through quick finishing tips, this issue will be a handy
reference for great accessories now and for many years to come.

Yeah, a link would be a good idea, eh? Here it is:


  1. says

    I’m trying really hard to find it to download, but everywhere I look, I find the issue in digital format costs $14. Is there a link I’m missing somewhere?

  2. Trauma says

    I’m with Bonnie – is there a direct link you can post to the 10 cent download? I’d be much obliged ifyou could post it, it’s starting to turn colder here and everyone wants gloves…

  3. Sindy Faddis says

    Thank you wanted to see what the downloading thing is about without investing heavily. I have downloaded it but haven’t really decided what I think yet.

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