Knit a Shirt with Feather and Fan Edging

feather and fan teeAs the days get warmer its time to think about summer knitting, and that often means short-sleeved or sleeveless tops and shells, as well as lace.

Feather and Fan is a classic stitch pattern that’s great for this time of year, and just a little bit of it used as an edging can make something that would otherwise look kind of plain into a really fun project.

So it is with this Feather & Fan Ribbed Tee from Classic Elite Yarns. The body is just a basic, easy to knit ribbed tee, but adding that bit of lace to the bottom and the sleeves makes this a must-knit for summer.

Do you knit more lace in the summer? I’d love to hear what’s on your needles or what you have planned for summer knitting this year.

[Photo via Classic Elite Yarns.]



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