Knit a Super Simple Basketweave Scarf

basketweave scarf knitting patternI love basketweave knitting patterns. There’s something so simple and yet satisfying about these stitch patterns, and they’re pretty darn warm, too.

The classic is just to knit, say, 4 stitches, then purl 4 stitches across a piece, do that for 4 rows then switch the order. (That’s what Amimi Makes did in her basketweave scarf pattern, for example.)

Over on my site at About I have a basketweave variation I picked up somewhere that’s a little different than the classic checkerboard look. I really love this scarf and should make one for myself some day. It’s super easy and quick knitting with bulky yarn, and also really warm, which we could all use right about now.

How do you feel about basketweave? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

[Photo via Amimi Makes.]


  1. Martha says

    I used to make blankets from this pattern, using giant needles. What a happy coincidence – I never knew what the name of the pattern was. I love it! Now I’ll make some scarves!!


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