Knit a Year of Dishcloths with Knit Picks

rainbow dishcloth knit picksI don’t know why I’m just getting around to writing about this a month in, but Knit Picks is having a year of dishcloths in which they are releasing a new free dishcloth knitting pattern every week this year. (Which is brilliant if you have a cotton stash like I do!)

The first offering was the pretty Orbital Dishcloth, which, alas, is crochet, but you could engineer a similar knitting pattern without much problem.

Other washcloth patterns I’m seeing on the site include the mitered square Ridged Dishcloth, the fun Bee’s Knees cloth (yes, it has a bee on it!),  another crocheted one and the Arc en Ciel Dishcloth, worked in bold, rainbow colors with a fun stitch pattern (that’s a great stash buster, right there).

I’m not seeing a page where all these patterns are collected, but you can access them through the free patterns page, should you want to go and look for more later in the year.

Are you a dishcloth knitter? I’ve knit a fair number of washcloths and pretty much only use them to bathe my daughter. I need to get them into the kitchen!

[Photo via Knit Picks.]


  1. Dawn says

    Hate the size and shape of shop bought cloths, so started making my own. They fit my hand perfectly! My daughter then wanted one for herself in the bathroom.


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