Knits to Celebrate the Olympics

olympic knitting patternsThe Winter Olympics are right around the corner, and if you’d like to celebrate with knitting there are lots of options available, from knitting the Olympic rings on a project to using your knitting to cheer on your favorite team.

DeAnza Jig knit a fun Olympic ring washcloth for the 2012 Games, but you could easily change the date or leave it off. Bolette J. Ohms also has a washcloth with the Olympic torch on it. So cute!

The Homemade Mama whipped up some adorable knit medals that are perfect for kids who want to pretend they’ve won the gold. And Kathy Murray’s Olympic Ring Necklace would be great for kids or adults who want to show their Olympic spirit.

For a slightly more subtle version of the rings, try the Olympic Bracelet from Yarn Birdy. It uses a fun sparkly yarn to evoke gold medals.

Searching on Ravelry I found lots of knits in support of Team USA and Team Canada but not much else. If you’re from another country you could use these patterns in different colors without the national symbols to make a project that will support whatever team you fancy.

Check out Marlene’s Patriotic Earflap Hat, the USA 2014 Hat by Ann Schneider or Jenni Propst’s Team USA Sochi Hat to support Team USA. The Go USA Hat by Heidi Rosin could easily be altered for another country, as could the Mitts for Medals by Jean Anderson. Oh, and there’s my USA Hat, too, which is ripe for alteration.

Canadian patterns include the O Canada Mittens from Vicky Taylor-Hood and the O Canada Toque by Candise Wilde.

Do you plan any Olympic knitting? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!



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