Knitting as Physical Therapy

mccal robertsI came across a story that I think is kind of funny but also says a lot about how great handcrafts are. When filmmaker and writer McCal Roberts was involved in a freak kitchen accident in which his hand was cut, he found that one of his fingers would not move after the wound healed.

His doctors recommended knitting or crochet as a way to get movement back, saying that the finger needed to be moved about 5,000 times a day to get motion back. He reports in the Royal Gazette that he learned knitting, and it took him about a month to pick up the craft.

He’s since knit scarves, hats and mittens and is thinking about donating his work to people in need once he gets a little better. He’s also at work on a knitting magazine and is considering a learn to knit DVD that would allow people to slow down the instructions so they can watch the movements as slowly as they need to.

[Photo via the Royal Gazette.]

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