Knitting from your Stash

Continuing on from the post of a few days ago, I came across this blog entry. It’s a challenge from [tag]Wendy Johnson[/tag]. Wendy is a lifelong knitter and creator of one of the most popular [tag]knitting blogs [/tag]online. She has been quoted or featured in many major knitting magazines, and has created designs and taught classes for [tag]Knit Happens[/tag], the celebrated yarn shop in Alexandria, Virginia.

Wendy has been challenged to knit solely from her stash in 2007. The guidelines are simple and Wendy will update us as she knits. The list of completed projects is on the right side bar.

Would you be able to do this? – knit just from your stash for nine months. Not buying any additional yarn unless it was to finish a work in progress? I’m not sure I could. First I’m sure I don’t have the stash that Wendy has, and secondly to deprive myself from not hitting a yarn store weekly? Not to smell the wool, touch the soft baby yarns, dream of socks knit in the latest hand-dyed yarns?

No way I say!

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