Meet a Robot Who Sticks to Her Knitting

agnes knitting robotHave you seen Agnes? She’s a lifelike robot made by English artist and inventor Andy Noyes, made of silicone out of molds from a real person. She’s run by DC motors and spends her time operating a knitting loom, occasionally looking around and blinking before going back to her work. (Sounds familiar.)

She made her debut at Maker Faire UK and though her name was meant to be an acronym (like in the early days of computers), Noyes says he couldn’t come up with what it would stand for, and besides, his grandmother knit and her name was Agnes, so that’s good enough.

I think she’s amazing and a great illustration of how the handmade (she was mostly made by hand, and she’s knitting a scarf) can also be modern and really cool. What do you think?

[Photo via Make.]


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