Meet Knit Picks’ Newest Needle

knit picks sunstruckI’m a big fan of the Knit Picks interchangeable knitting needles. Both the original nickel-plated Options and the wooden Harmony needles are in regular rotation in my house (so much so that there are very few of them actually in their holders right now!) and are usually the first needles I will look for when starting a new project.

Knit Picks has just announced a new member of its knitting needle family: Sunstruck, which is the same laminated birch wood as the Harmony needles, just in a blond finish. The lighter color should make it easier for you to see your stitches when you’re working with dark yarns, and they have the same quality and performance as the original Harmony needles. (They’re also available in straights and fixed circulars, but I’ve only used their interchangeables.)

I haven’t gotten a chance to check these out yet, but I’ll give you a full report as soon as I do!

[Photo by Knit Picks.]


  1. Teresa from Florence, Alabama says

    I love my Harmonies interchangeable needles, too. I have the Options, also but I use the Harmonies the most. The different colors on the needles does make some of stitches hard to see in certain colors and yarns. I love the different colors, they are so pretty. I will have to try a pair of these.

  2. Ruth skinner says

    I really like my bamboo but would be eager to try yur Sunstuck needles. I have made over 125 prayer shawls for local nursing homes so I knit every day.


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