(Mostly) Gross Knitwear from Movies

Knitwear of the apocalypseSpeaking of knitting as it relates to popular culture, I recently came across this slideshow from Vulture called “Great Moments in Dystopian Knitwear.” Because every post-apocalyptic movie (and probably the TV shows, too, though we haven’t seen a lot of winter in “The Walking Dead”) seems to have characters decked out in ratty, torn, dirty knits of one kind or another.

As the writer, Margaret Lyons, says, “knit hats will be the most treasured of all hats when the decay begins.” Indeed. Better start knitting, just in case.

By the way, one of the knits mentioned is of course the funky cowl thing Katniss wears in “The Hunger Games.” You can knit your own with patterns from Lion Brand (free registration required), Woolf’s Clothing ($5), Lolly Knits and Red Heart, no doubt among others.

Do you watch the knitwear as much as you watch the movie? I know I do!

[Photo courtesy of Lionsgate, via Vulture.]


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