My Newest Project – Ooooh I’m In Love!

You know how some yarn is totally made for a particular set of needles and then a pattern jumps in the mix and you have Utopia? Well this is the story…

So I got some new yarn from Knit Picks, it’s the Wool of the Andes Tweed. Actually the color I got isn’t the blue that’s shown in my project, but more of a purple heather, (Indigo Heather below); not sure why my camera freaked out and changed it to blue. But, I’m totally in love with this newest yarn. It’s a worsted weight, so knits up nice and quick (as compared to the socks on 1’s and 2’s). It’s a cross between Peruvian sheep, Corriedale sheep and Merino. It also supposedly felts beautifully, this I don’t want to find out about just yet. The wool has a nice sturdy feel to it, meaning, it’s not flimsy, and it holds up really nicely to tinking (don’t ask… I’m not over it yet).

This is a lot closer to the actual color: Indigo Heather:

I’m knitting this vest pattern (more on the pattern later….):

Cool, eh? But what’s really neat is for the first real project, I’m using my new Harmony Interchangeable Needles, also from Knit Picks. I’ve used them for swatches before and to try them out, but didn’t have a “new” project to try them out on until now. (read between the lines: don’t switch needles in the middle of a project….).

I just love the Harmonys. Of course they’re pretty, but they just feel nice too. Don’t like to use steel or other metal needles, the Denise plastics are nice too but with a natural yarn, you need natural needles, no? The shafts seems to be a bit longer than other circs I’ve used (and yes, unless it’s dpn’s, I use circulars exclusively) and the tips are just pointy enough to capture the knits and purls, without being dangerous. And for some unknown reason, my hands don’t get tired quite so quick. I’ll be exploring this theory more in the future….. just sayin’……

My next project will be another pair of socks, this time on the Harmony DPNs rather than my bamboos. I’ll be excited to see if I love them as much as the interchangeables! Now, got to get back to my new love!



  1. says

    The first knitting project I ever knitted was knit with Wool of the Andes, and I too am so in love with this tweed–must get some!!

  2. Terrye Kinch says

    If I remember right, it was Knitting off the Axis, by Interweave. I totally love how it turned out, and I wear it all the time. Very pretty!

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