New From Vogue

A sure fire hit, this one will be! Available October of 2010 (I can’t wait, I LOVE mittens!).

But wait, there are more than mittens in this book! Gloves (Autumn Leaves gloves on pg 62 have my name written all over them), wristlets with a HUGE variety of techniques, arm warmers, fold over mittens (a personal favorite on the farm)m muffs, and hats too.  (shhhhh, there’s also a scarf pattern in here…)

Going out for the night? Oh, yes the Lace Medallion Fingerless gloves will suit just fine.

Wanna have a snow ball fight? The stranded colorwork on the Snowbird Mittens will have you flinging the white stuff in style!

This book’s definitely a must have. More than 40 designs, and you can get it directly from Sixth and Spring Books, by clicking HERE!


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