Now You Can Knit and Read At The Same Time!

twilightRecently I was able to get my meaty little hands on the Twilight Series audiobooks. Before we get into this, I have a confession to make. Yes, I am a Twilight-a-holic. I’ve read the books, seen the movies and now am listening to the audio books. I love to read, and now, with these audio books, I can score some quality knitting time, while being read to by the heat of my wood stove!

This is great, I’m looking forward to more audio books. No wonder my kids always liked it when I read to them! Next up…. Harry Potter! And you can get them all from Random House Audio, here:


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    And when you’re looking for audiobooks, great ones, don’t rely only on the big publishers. Many of the best artists are out their creating their own. Take a look at CD Baby’s children’s storytelling section. Random House and Weston Woods and so on have the big budgets for promotion, but there are many of us out there on our own creating great stuff.

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    Cheers, Amy Friedman

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