On the Importance of Details

schoonheid berrocoI love simple patterns that include just one or two little details that make them really special. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to add those kinds of touches to my own designs, whether it’s an interesting hem line or a simple stripe or something a little more complex.

In the case of Schoonheid, a free pattern from Berroco, it’s a panel of lace that runs along the edge of an otherwise stockinette stitch triangular shawl. That little detail doesn’t boost the skill level significantly but it does make the project a lot more interesting and special than if it had been completely stockinette or worked with something like a garter stitch edging.

The yarn its worked in — Ultra Alpaca Light — is a beauty, too, reminding us once again that the yarn choice is super important when a project is simple because the quality of the yarn really shines through.

I may not ever knit this project but it sure has taught me a thing or two anyway!

[Photo via Berroco.]


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