Potter’s Snitch Needles

I admit it, I’m a Harry Potter fan. I have all the books, (I’m almost finished with the last book – don’t tell me the ending!!!) all the DVD’s and have seen all the movies in the theater except this last one due to my son’s wedding. I have also bought the [tag]Charmed Knits[/tag] book by [tag]Alison Hansel[/tag].

But, this is the cutest idea yet – [tag]Golden Snitch Knitting Needles[/tag], now why didn’t I think of that? Lisa Stringfellow writes on the [tag]Lion Brand[/tag] Customer Project site”I am an avid [tag]Harry Potter[/tag] fan and have been helping to organized a Charmed Knits KAL event in my area. I had the inspiration to make some Golden Snitch knitting needles to display in the yarn shop where our event will be held. Hopefully these needles will make knitting “fly” even faster!”

And if you want to make a new [tag]Hogwarts scarf[/tag], Lauren Kent has a scarf pattern on her website showing Hogwarts House colors and recommends yarn that best matches the House colors.

scarlet and gold

dark green and silver

Ravenclaw (books)
blue and bronze

Ravenclaw (films)
medium blue and silver

black and yellow


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    Looks like a wooden bead painted gold on the end of the needle and the wings are maybe paper or white fabric. There’s no pattern there so I’m not 100 percent sure…

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