Ravelry Reveals Some Fun User Statistics

ravelry catsRavelry recently reached the milestone of having 4 million registered users (congratulations to them!) and they released some fun information about those users and their habits to celebrate.

There’s lots to see here, but I love that Iceland has the most Ravelers per capita (followed by Canada and the United States, Norway and Finland). The most knit pattern last year was the Honey Cowl (no big surprise there), while the most favorited was Dreambird.

Monday is the busiest day on the site, with more new patterns being added on that day of the week than any other.

The most popular day for finishing projects? December 25.

And if you added up everyone’s unused stash as unraveled all the finished projects documented on the site, it would be enough yarn to give Saturn five new rings. That’s a whopping 5 billion kilometers of yarn! Finished projects alone used 1,000 tons of yarn.

Here’s to many more users, and many more knitters and crocheters in the world!

How do you use Ravelry? I’d love to hear about it.

[Photo via Ravelry.]


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