Reversible Knitting – 20 Projects From Top Designers.

This is the neatest book! Reversible knitting! And we’re talking about stitch patterns as well as colors. And not just mirror image colors, one pattern on one side and a completely different pattern on the other side.

There are patterns and projects too, but the first part of the book is laid out like Barbara Walker’s Treasuries, showing the stitch pattern or color pattern on one side and the other side also, with the instructions.

This is a hardcover book, with 50 stitch and color patterns and 20 projects from hats and socks to sweaters, dresses and scarves. Pretty cool!

Also included are definitions and abbreviation and special techniques. Explains all about the world of reversible knitting.

“Most of the stitch dictionaries on knitters’ shelves are remixes of familiar stitch patterns already published elsewhere. Not so for Lynne Barr’s groundbreaking book Reversible Knitting. Not only is every one of the 50 stitch patterns completely new and never before seen, but each is also reversible—for a total of 100 different looks!

Reversible stitch patterns can be used to create projects where either side can be worn facing outward, or where two sides of the piece are visible simultaneously (such as a scarf or a garment with collar or cuffs that can be worn up or down). In addition to stitch patterns, the book features 20 such projects—from accessories like scarves, hats, and socks to sweaters and dresses—designed by the author and by 12 top knitwear designers including STC authors Véronik Avery, Norah Gaughan, and Teva Durham. Rounding out the book are in-depth instructions for the specialized techniques required for reversible work.”



  1. Diana H says

    Opinion: I have the book. I think Lynne Barr is a very creative person. Her stitch patterns are unique but a number of them require very extraordinary (to my mind) processes to create. The patterns in the book were not all by Ms. Barr, so you have some useful, pretty things to create. However, I believe this book is more for someone who collects knitting books or unusual stitch patterns than for the average knitter.

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