Simple Legwarmers to Keep You Warm

easy knit legwarmersIt seems like more of us than usual have had to suffer with cold temperatures already this season (even if it’s not technically winter yet) so these simple legwarmers from Penguin & Fish might be a welcome addition to your knitting list.

They really are super-simple, being worked completely in ribbing and stockinette. You might want to be a little more diligent in how you measure gauge than these instructions suggest (she just did 10 stitches and 10 rows, which isn’t really enough to be accurate, particularly when knitting in the round) but even so this would be a pretty quick project.

You can make them in whatever yarn you have on hand, but her choice of alpaca would certainly keep your legs warm wherever they need to take you this winter.

[Photo via Penguin & Fish.]

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