Socks are a Scam!! Says Blue Moon Bank


According to the Bank that Blue Moon used to receive cash and credit card payment for the Rockin’ Sock Club 2007.

I can’t believe that a bank actually thought a sock yarn club is a scam, because, after all, no one buys THAT much sock yarn. Yeah, right – what rock have they lived under?

Blue Moon’s bank refunded all monies paid into the the Rockin’ Sock Club. Blue Moon issued a letter to all members of the club and asked that all bloggers get the word out to all fellow knitters. A copy of the letter is on the Yarn Harlot’s site with more information. Like she writes – Freakin’ muggles! I can’t wait for the new Harry Potter book either, but I digress.

Blue Moon states that all can be made right by going to their website and registering and paying for the club again upon receipt of your refund.

It’s a wonder this didn’t throw them into a hissy fit! But Ladies they are, and Ladies they remain as they will not tell the name of the bank.

Otherwise we would be able to cast a spell on them and have them barfing every minute.

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