Sugar Bunny, Again and Again, and Again and Again…….

You all know I love me my Sugar Bunny from Knit Picks. Totally. HEART. It!

And this week, I’m loving it even more. I knitted one of my daughters a pair of fingerless mitts in the Melon colorway and she totally hearted them. So much so that she said she wanted a pair of mittens out of the same.

So, being a good mommy, I totally stepped up and not only am knitting her a pair of mittens out of Sugar Bunny, but I’m thrumming them with 100% French Angora Rabbit fur. She lives in Alaska. Apparantly it gets cold there! Who knew?

Oh yeah, she’s also getting (but don’t tell her) a scarf and hat to match for Christmas.

Yay Sugar Bunny. The only problem with this yarn is that its one of Knit Picks Special Reserve lines and when it’s gone, it’s gone. I hope it’s not gone any too soon, although if they do run out, I might be partially to blame….  Just sayin’…..

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