Tackling the Crafty To-Do List {Cre8time Challenge}

michaels cre8time projectsWhen I sat down to create for the Cre8time blogger challenge I told you about the other day, I had a huge list of things I wanted to work on. That’s pretty natural given the huge amount of supplies I got, as well as the huge running list of things I want to make or things I need to make for deadlines for one of my blogs or a creativity challenge.

That often leads me to jump from thing to thing without really getting much finished, which is certainly how these days of creativity started.

I knew, for instance, that I needed to make some goodies for a swap I’ve been taking part in. I knew I wanted to make a pendant out of an old thread spool, so I started out decoupaging some papers on it from a pack of Mod Podge Podgeable Papers I bought. It turned out so cute I can’t wait to make one for myself. (I added some charms from the industrial chic line by Susan Lenart Kazmer and put them on a ribbon from the same line.)

Next my eye settled on a large embroidery hoop I bought with the intent of making a wall-hanging organizer. I painted it with Americana paint in Indian Turquoise, then folded a piece of fabric over on itself to make the pocket, secured it in the hoop and pinked the edges on the back. (It’s pictured with some Mod Podge tools in it, but I might fill it with knitting needles. I’m not sure yet.)

While I was painting I remembered some peg dolls and cups that I’ve had for a long time and that my daughter asked about recently. I painted a set of six in different colors with paint I already had on hand, so this project didn’t use any of my Michaels materials but wouldn’t have gotten done without the challenge. Naturally, my daughter immediately insisted there need to be two of each color, so it’s back to the craft store for me.

Then there was more Mod Podge, this time with Podgeable Shapes, papers, findings and Dimensional Magic. I’d never worked with Dimensional Magic before and it was so much fun I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot now. The only problem I had was that it ended up being messier than I anticipated and leaving the projects to dry on newspaper was not a good idea because some of it stuck to the back of the items, which I had already Mod Podged. It’s not a huge deal and I know better for next time.

And then began my cross stitch obsession. Cross stitch is something else I learned from my grandma and used to enjoy but that I haven’t done in many years. I got a basic selection of supplies at Michaels, along with the Blue Lagoon Collection of DMC’s Color Variations floss, which I’ve been using for the outline of a project I found on Connie’s site. She called this chart from Craft Novice simple and easy, and it really is. Pretty, too. I spent all my crafting time yesterday and a lot of time today working on it. It’s been a lot of fun.

Next up, I still need to break out that loom! I hope to get to it tomorrow.

This has been such a fun experience and while it’s been great to explore the things I have done, there’s always more on the list!


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