Take on an Afghan for 2014

afghan knitting patternsBack in January I started a giant stash busting garter stitch strip afghan (man, that’s a lot of adjectives!) that’s still not finished because I only pick it up when I’m not working on anything else and I’m pretty much always working on something else. But it’s like the comfort food of knitting because I don’t have to think about what I’m doing at all. Just knit, join as you go, change colors when you run out of yarn. Repeat and repeat and repeat.

A stash-busting afghan, whether on regular or giant needles, is a great way to start if you’re resolved to use more of your stash in 2014. This ripple chevron pattern from Mosier Farms is another great choice for stash-busting, or you can choose colors consciously and change them regularly, whichever you prefer. Or check out the Psychedelic Squares Afghan from Knitting-and, which makes crazy stash busting look really cool.

Or, if you’d rather, here are some afghan patterns with a more traditional look.

I have a moss stitch lap afghan over at About that I knit ages ago but is a really nice, easy project for keeping one person warm.

This easy striped garter stitch afghan from JoAnn is a great choice for using team colors or whatever colors you like.

Speaking of chevrons, the Farmhouse Afghan from Classic Elite Yarns uses contrasting stripes to make a mostly solid project a lot more interesting and beautiful.

The Block Afghan from Coats & Clark uses two yarns held together for lots of texture and a quick knitting sort of basketweave pattern.

Bernat’s Textured Afghan uses two colors in blocks and box stitch for a bold afghan with lots of texture.

Lion Brand has a beautiful Slip Stitch Afghan that shows beautifully the cool things you can do with slipped stitches and multicolored yarn.

Lois S. Young’s Guernsey Afghan is mostly a really simple ridged pattern with columns of easy cables. It would be a great first cable project.

Do you have a favorite afghan pattern? Please share!


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