Takumi Bamboo Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set, by Clover-USA

I absolute LOVE these needles. Totally, totally HEART them. Totally.

I’m a bamboo addict anyway, will use bamboo needles before anything else, but these take the cake. I’ve got the Denise Needles and I really, really like them, especially the smooth “click” joins. Same with Addi Interchangeables. These Takumi needles have screw joins, but they seem to stay tight.

I was probably a bit biased going into this trial, as stated before, bamboo are my favorites, but these seem to be standing the test of time and hours (and hours, and hours and hours…lol).

They come in sizes 3-15, with 5 cord sizes. Also, they come in a really nice case, slim, compact, and even a bit of room inside for a pair of scissors, stitch holders and maybe some stitch markers and dpns.

These rate a high B for me. (a point or two taken off for the screw joins rather than the click joins), but in general, these Takumi needles are my go to set.

You can get yours HERE: http://www.clover-usa.com/product/426099/3683/_/Takumi_Combo_Set


  1. says

    I love knitting with bamboo needles! I have my Grandmothers set of metal interchangable needles. I love the versitility of them being interchangable but dislike the fact they are metal. I will check these Bamboo needles out!

  2. Toni says

    Bought these a few weeks ago and sadly, even though they have a swivel on the cable, mine are unscrewing way to often. It is to the poor that I will be returning my Takumi interchangeables. ????


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